The Time is Approaching

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Being an indie author is difficult. The digital age changed EVERYTHING. There was a time when I would have never have considered publishing my own work. It was just not done unless you were desperate. There was a reason it was call “vanity press.”

Now, here I am in 2015, and I am doing the very thing I once said I would never do. I have published my own short story (although it gives me some satisfaction that it was originally published by a traditional publisher and I am now re-publishing it) on amazon and my first full length novel, “The Gifted,” will be launched in June 2015.

Self-publishing has become commonplace. There’s a lot of good authors whose work would never have been seen. I happen to know a few of those authors.

So … I have also seen there are some really mean critics out there. Thus, I have found it’s also scary to put yourself out there.

The question is: Do I fulfill a dream? Or, do I curl up like a big baby and hide from the jerks?

I think I’m going to just be who I am.

The time is approaching … The Gifted. It’s been a long time coming.

Would you accept the power and the burden of The Gift?

If so, which side would you choose?

Those questions will make sense later, after you’ve read the book.