The Gifted Has Its First Review!!

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The Gifted just got its first Amazon review! Thank you Shannon Collins for taking the time! I am so grateful! I have gotten a lot of verbal reviews as well as reviews here on FB, but I really need them on Amazon and/or Goodreads. I have also been given some very helpful feedback – 98% have been very complimentary — stating that they read it fairly quickly and really enjoyed it. Others …. well … take a look at what I have learned so far …

Some suggestions for improvement on the next one – pacing! A couple of people said they almost stopped reading around chapter two or three but pushed through and was very glad they did. I have had one report of someone who was put off by the religious aspect of the story. While it is billed as “supernatural” there is a definitive religious element to The Gifted. I have been asked if all of my work has a religious aspect and the answer is “no.” The Gifted trilogy is the only work I have done along this line. So, if the religious aspect is not “your thing” then I would suggest you try my novella “Urbania” or my short story “The Migration of Frost” and see what else I write.

So … for all of you out there who have been following my journey to becoming a novelist – I feel I owe you the honesty of the whole journey. I want you to know that it’s not easy and that writers have to grow and hone those skills. I also want you all to know how much I appreciate you all holding my hand through all of this. Corinth/Alcorn County, my family and my friends, my former classmates and co-workers … You are all so amazing and supportive. Thank you so much and I will keep you all posted as I continue this crazy dream of one day making a living at this thing I love to do!