I Have a Redneck Cooking Injury

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It has happened. The injury no one wants to speak of in the presence of health-conscious, organic-eating types for fear of being ridiculed and outed as the closet redneck you are.

I admit it. I have a redneck cooking injury.

My sister, Tammy, and I were discussing our favorite meals growing up. She giggled and admitted to me (after glancing back over both shoulders to make sure no one was listening) that her favorite meal was fried spam, peas and carrots (canned, of course) and macaroni and cheese.

Then … we both laughed and laughed as if those days were over – as if we don’t wait until the neighbors are on vacation and we do not expect any visitors to stop by – and we don’t ever eat that nasty as adults.

I cannot deny that when finances are rough as they have been recently … I have been known to resort to penny-pinching ways and have cooked meals that are the comfort foods of the financially impaired.

So … about two weeks ago, I was frying up some spam and forgot to watch the popping (which is also an issue when cooking bacon) … and managed to get a pretty nasty splatter burn. The picture below is the injury after two weeks so you know it was bad when it was fresh.

Redneck cooking injury photo

I also have to admit that I have been known to cook this meal even when finances are good.

There. I have said it.

Another thing I will admit – now that I appear to be within the confines of the cyber-confessional – is that (GASP!) I also take Ramen noodles for lunch and another favorite is Vienna sausages and crackers. Hey, they’re easy on the pocket book and notably tasty.

Will I get skinny dining so cheaply? Um, no. One just has to look at me to know that, BUT will I be able to catch up those bills a lot quicker. I will worry about dieting later.

I appreciate you all listening to my tearful confession. I feel so much better now.

Thank you.

Now … I need a snack …blogging has made me hungry.

Hmm … I think I saw a can of potted meat and some saltines somewhere ….