Cover is Ready and Outlining has Begun!

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The first stages of Criers: Rise of the Prophets has begun and I am still on target for my January 2016 release!!

I’m actually very excited about it!



Book II of The Gifted Trilogy

CRIERS: Rise of the Prophets

By L.A. Story

Temp Criers Cover

Duke Batten, the infamous California street preacher, is the first of the Criers — powerful prophets in the quickly escalating war between the Adversaries and the Healers who fight for the forces of Light and Dark. More and more Criers are appearing and some are the most unlikely individuals one would expect to be called into service by the King of Light.

Sage and Rachel Waldron are a powerful force for the Healers, along with their children, 26 year old Daniel, and 24 year old Sarah. The Adversaries have become more desperate as the Healers have begun to win too many skirmishes. In a bold move, the Adversaries employ a terrible strategy to turn the tide of the war. As part of this strategy, Duke Batten and his family, as well as the Waldron family become primary targets.