NANOWRIMO serves as kickoff for CRIERS!!

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Week 1 nanowrimo
We all look so calm and collected for Week 1 of Nanowrimo, but … it will change each week … oh, yes .. it will change. (No, that is NOT a pic of me. It is a representation of how cool we writers look during Week 1. And, I WISH I looked like that.)

Temp Criers Cover

Week 1 of NANOWRIMO is nearing it’s close … I have an outline fairly well sketched out but no official word count, yet. I am excited and terrified to be participating in NANOWRIMO again this year.¬† I am getting a late start because I was completing another project.

I am certain that my sister – author BJ Hyman — is way ahead of me in word count right now … BUT … I plan to do a major write-in tomorrow and part of Sunday to begin catching up. I am using the forced deadline of NANOWRIMO as the kickoff for Criers: Rise of the Prophets, my second novel in The Gifted Trilogy.

The outline for Criers has me really pumped up!!! PLEASE send me your good wishes, your good vibes, your prayers¬† – light candles, burn incense, chant to the rainbows or the statue of that chicken your Aunt Bertha gave you two Christmases ago — just send me all the positive vibes you can.

It will be greatly appreciated. I will report back on Sunday night for an update.

Peace out, ya’ll.

— LA

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