NANOWRIMO: Week 2 – At least I HAVE a word count!

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Week 2
Week 2 – NANOWRIMO – now, the story has my attention. I am behind and I’m starting to feel some pressure. Now, writers are starting to get focused. I’m still in it at this point …


Okay .. sooooo … I guess I can say I have at least WRITTEN some words. The pressure of NANOWRIMO is not lost on me. Thus far, I have 1125 words. No, that’s not much, but hey – I’ve been busy. I am not as pressured this year because I know that my deadline for publication is some time in January 2016, so I’m not pushing TOO hard YET. I will say that I was not as extensively outlined for this one as I was for The Gifted. Criers is a new idea and I am still developing it … I have a basic outline, but I am never satisfied until I feel the “Ah-Ha!” moment kick in. I’m still working on that revelation.

Stay tuned … Do you think it’s possible to WIN NANOWRIMO from this far behind? I wonder if I will even come CLOSE … we’ll see. I wrote more than 15,0000 words last week and a half on another project, so there’s a little hope. I hope.

So … I am starting to feel some pressure … Looking at the calendar literally makes me sweat. What does that say?

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