NANOWRIMO: Week 3 – Is there still hope?!

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Week 3 nanowrimo

Okay … um … I’m now inching to nearly 10,000 words with Criers – the second novel in The Gifted Trilogy. Here’s the thing … (I will ask those who know me best to stop snickering¬† – it’s rude!) … I will admit to some degree of procrastination, but the story has moved into these amazing subplots I had not anticipated and I have basically had to rewrite my outline and now I just have to trust my story process.

Do I still think I’ll win NANOWRIMO at this point? It’s doubtful that I will make the 50,000 word goal by the end of November.

HOWEVER, fans of my first book will be happy to know that I am still on track for meeting my goal to publish Criers before the end of January 2016. Last year, I won NANOWRIMO with my first novel – The Gifted – but the novel was far from finished. I hit the 50,000 words goal, but The Gifted is over 100,000 words long! It was a massive story and it was not actually completed until way after NANOWRIMO was finished. So … I guess I’m saying it’s all good.

I was ready to make deals with God … sell a kidney … perform all manner of pagan writing rituals by moonlight … but I think instead I’m just going to enjoy the process and take the stress off. We’ll see how far I get, but I’m working toward the ultimate goal – PUBLICATION!

I know this is technically the beginning of Week Four, but I’ll post another report around Thanksgiving as my Week Four NANOWRIMO.

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