Rising Appalachia’s “I’ll Fly Away” added to “Criers” Playlist

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For those of you who are new to my website, I will tell you that you’re going to find a weird mix of humor blogs, news flashes, and blogs about my writing angst, and then there’s these mood-setting songs that fit specific scenes I’m working on – or will be working on soon. There is a powerfully emotional scene coming up in Criers – I’m having to psych up for it.

Anyway, I have recently found a new pair of songstresses to obsess over (as I am prone to do) .. it is a couple of sisters whose music is in turn, folksy and organic, primitive, jazzy in a New Orleans influence kind of way, Bluegrass-ish …  and … too many other things to name.  I find I LOVE these ladies who are known as Rising Applachia. (Why have I not heard of them BEFORE?? Holy cow!) (One of my favorites is their song “Filthy Dirty South” … oh, and I love the “Mississippi Song” ) …

So … their rendition of the old gospel tune “I’ll Fly Away” is an eerie modern take that I think still maintains it’s old integrity with their goosebump inspiring harmonies … then it ends in a totally Jazzy-sounding New Orleans celebration sound (at least to me) and it fits a scene I’ve got coming up … Anyway, I highly recommend them and I thought I would share “I’ll Fly Away” by Rising Appalachia:

Check it out:



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