Work on CRIERS has reached the halfway mark!

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Criers Cover


I had to take a moment and do a happy dance! A story can only be written as it wants to be written and I am unable to write full time (yet), so I have to write around a full time job and a family … Thus, I hope you can appreciate how difficult it is to embark on the journey to write a full-length novel. I did it once with the first book in The Gifted Trilogy … and now I have managed to make it past the the halfway point in Criers: Rise of the Prophets.

While that fact alone is something to be celebrated, I think the thing that has me the most excited is that now – at this point – the story is coming together. I can see where it’s going and it is so exciting! I do apologize that work has been a little behind schedule – oh, to be able to write full time! — but we’re getting there. I have been hearing from you all and I want to hug each and every one of you who are asking me about the second book. It’s almost there … hang in there with me ,,, you have kept me motivated when I came home from a 10-hour shift, was exhausted, and the task looked too big to accomplish.

Thank you.

Please keep the encouraging words coming … it keeps me going more than you know!




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