What I learned today from my dog

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My husband and I find little things we learn and laugh about with our dogs each day. Our indoor fur babies are a Chihuahua named Jojo and a Dachsund named Wiener. 

Today’s lesson learned is from Jojo. Today, we learn that being overly needy is extremely annoying, but it gets the desired result.

Jojo came up to me in the kitchen as I sat at the table drinking my morning coffee and talking to my husband, Keith. Jojo figured if he stood on his back legs and threw himself at my knee enough times, I would pet him.

“No, Jojo,” I said. “I’m not petting you right now. I’m going to have breakfast soon. You’ve been outside and I don’t want to have to wash my hands again. I will pet you later. Now, go play.”

Jojo is not a quitter. He proceeded then to stand on his back legs and rest his front paws on my thigh. He took his wet nose and poked my leg with it. I looked down at him and he was doing his best “anime eyes” thing he does. That “look” that says, “Love me, love me, I just waaaaant you to looooove meeeee.”

Yes. He has a look that says all that.

I am only human and have no real defense against such an attack, so I had to pet him. Thus, I learned that being overly needy is annoying, but it eventually gets the desired result (provided you are cute enough to pull it off).


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