Criers: Rise of the Prophets is “rising” in rankings!

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Criers rank

Okay … my supervisor at work recently joked to me “so, has your book broken through Amazon’s top 200,000, yet?”

Well, yes, it has! That is actually a big deal. Am I a top 100? Um … not yet … but as of this morning, I have gone up almost 30,000 ranking points and yes, I have broken the top 200,000 barrier!

After my husband read “Criers,” he remarked, “Honey, The Gifted was very good, but I think Criers will put you on the map.”

Who knows? Maybe he was right … I’m excited to see where this goes …

Thank you to all who have bought copies – both print and kindle. YOU are the ones making this happen! THANK YOU!!!


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