Embarrassing Drinking Problem for a Coffee Addict

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Sooo … I am always telling people to never overestimate me. Just when people start to think I’m kind of smart – I go and do some of the dumbest things! Earlier this week at work, I had an embarrassing moment having to do with my coffee addiction.

Some co-workers and I were about to leave a training session and I — proudly holding my new portable coffee mug with the pink grip around the middle (purchased at Dollar Tree) — had been sipping my second cup of coffee. I decided to polish off my drink and tipped the cup up. Well, there wasn’t much left … maybe a tablespoon or two in the bottom, from what I could tell with one eye squeezed shut and peering down the drink hole with my other eye.

With a major coffee addiction, do you think I could let even ONE precious drop of coffee behind? No … not me. So, I made the brilliant decision to just tip the cup all the way up and toss it back like a Rebels fan at home game. The result? The coffee did not pour out … it sort of splashed down like a when I throw out mop water. It basically splashed down all over the lower half of my face and neck and dripped down onto my blouse.

I jumped and then coughed and spluttered – much to the alarm of my co-workers — the alarm settled to amusement when they realized I was okay.

“I have this drinking problem ..” I muttered. No one had a napkin. I had a crumbled red, white, and blue napkin, left over from a July 4th celebration, that I dug out of my purse and began dabbing at the mess. It was barely adequate to the task.

The moral of this tale? Is it really worth the mess for the last drops of caffeine?

Even after the mess, I have to say … Duh, YES! Are you kidding me? It’s COFFEE!

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