New Poetry Book in the Works – Sample included!!

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shut up and take my money


Okay, okay, okay … calm down. I KNOW how many of you out there are SOOOO excited about poetry, BUT you just have to try and not pee yourself while I make this announcement.

As some of you know, my first published works were not fiction, but actually as a poet … and then as a humor columnist for the newspaper … then a staff writer/reporter … then, I began to have some fiction stories published.

I never entirely left my roots as a poet — I have continued to dabble and have actually won some contests and some MONEY (heh) for it over the past year or two. You will ALSO notice in my latest novel, Criers: Rise of the Prophets, there are two or three poems featured by one of the main characters, Sarah Waldron. I had so much fun writing poetry for her.

With that in mind, I have had a recent conversation with my poet husband Keith W. Sikora, who is a well-established poet and highly published in the genre poetry community, His current poetry books available are Voices of Light, Phoenix Rising, and Celestial Bodies and coming August 2016 – Love Happens. Keith and I have done some poems together, but we have never actually published a volume of poetry together. We decided it’s time we did that.

So … the poetry book – His & Hers: A Poetic Collaboration is now in the works with a tentative publication date of Spring 2017.

STOP throwing money at me!

Quite thyself







I KNOW it’s not ready yet ….

Still … okay … are you calmer now?

So … I thought you might like to see a sample poem from MY part of the book. I think Keith will donate a sample poem or two over the coming weeks.

With that said, here is “Insight” from the work-in-progress His & Hers: A Poetic Collaboration.



By L.A. Story


As a child I sang into the wind

With the hope that I would find

My faith floating in the spaces

Between childhood and

Everything else.


I found my voice again —

A mistral wind

Taunted me with it

During bitter, transitional

Seasons of doubt.


Older, I have learned to speak

In quiet places and sing

Whenever the mood takes me.

Now, I navigate by constellations in

The eyes of the ones I love.


So my faith is never again in question.

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  1. Charlotte Garrison
    | Reply

    I’m excited. Love both of you!

    • LA
      | Reply

      We love you too, Charlotte! You are a precious lady! 😀

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