NANOWRIMO is here and “Beyond Shammua” is over 6,000 words!

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Good evening, Dear Reader!

So … I decided once again to participate in Nanowrimo (Write A November in a Month challenge) … along with my sister, author BJ Hyman. I am using this opportunity to help keep me on track in getting the third novel in The Gifted Trilogy written – Beyond Shammua. So far, it’s paying off! I have more than 6,000 words and I am still working on it this evening. Even if I don’t hit the required 50,000, I feel this will help me tremendously to stay focused and gives me the motivation I need.

Let’s face it. Those of us who are indie writers fight with everything we’ve got just to get readers. Those of us who still keep full time jobs, come home exhausted, but we still want to get our stories out there in the hope that one day we will be able to do what we love for a living. ┬áSo … there’s Nanowrimo … a nice tool to help you keep that discipline. You tell yourself it’s just for one month and you’ll have your novel’s first draft done or very close to done. It pushes you. It’s a time to begin and end and there are thousands of others all over the world doing the same thing. We’re united in a dream of completing something important to us.

I will keep you posted – whether I fall behind or keep up. Either way, I’ll finish the book. But, it sure would be nice to finish the first draft in a month!

To my fellow Nanowrimo participants – I’m here plugging away too! You’re not alone! Let’s do this!

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