Day 12: Nanowrimo – “Beyond Shammua” Grows!!

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Good morning, Dear Reader and Fellow Nanowrimo participants!

Today is going to be a write-a-thon for me with breaks for a few chores. My crazy goal? 15,000 words today … and hopefully reach 20,000 by tomorrow night.

That’s a lot, but I fell behind this week and need to make up some time. I am supposed to be a 25,000 by Wednesday to be halfway there … so I’m pushing it as hard as I can.

I keep pushing .. Thus far, I’ve written three novels since my first successful Nanowrimo in 2014 – two under L.A. Story and one under my pen name. ¬†This novel – Beyond Shammua is extremely important to me. It is the completion of The Gifted Trilogy – my first significant work. ¬†After this, I will move on to fiction that is more easy to define genre-wise – a four-part fantasy series.

So … I have a lot riding on this writing .. heh.

For my Nanowrimo buddies this season – Betty Jo and Rebekah – C’mon ladies, let’s DO THIS!!!

Wish me luck … here’s to motivation!

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