Looking for the Man in the Moon

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We stand today on the brink of a new year.

A fresh start. A new beginning. For me, it is another year upon which to pin my hopes and dreams.

This past year has had some terrible challenges. The worst by far being my mother’s tractor accident. We almost lost her. Today, she is finally hobbling around on her own. Look out world – she may be driving again soon!

Add to Mom’s accident, a high-risk pregnancy for one of my daughters. I worried about how worried she was.  And, of course, I worried about her and the baby.

My husband and I will also remember 2016 as the “Year of the Car Curse.” It began with his wreck of our “good” vehicle last spring and then the breakdown of the new/used vehicles we bought since. Currently, we’re still making payments on the broken down cars and driving borrowed cars until both of our cars are back to 100 percent! ARGH!

Financial challenges abound for us and most people we know right now. I wouldn’t even know where to begin!

Then, there’s the election. Our country has been so divided that it has caused stress in our personal lives. This is one of the many reasons I don’t get very political in my posts here or on Facebook. I respect the right of others to their opinions, when those opinions are stated respectfully and backed by facts and not disrespectful posturing with the use of memes. (Which I saw far too often on Facebook.) One of my favorite quotes by Socrates: “There is no greater evil one can suffer than to hate reasonable discourse.”

I agree. I think reasonable discourse is the foundation of a strong civilization.

One of the luxuries of youth is to be so certain of one’s opinion. As for myself, I have come to an age where I am old enough to know what’s really important. I have also reached an age where I realize I don’t have the hubris to think I have all the answers. I have been told by those older me, that this is a sign of maturity. (Me? Mature? Heh. I find that kind of funny.)

Anyway, that being said, I love my friends on both sides of the political fence. In the end, I think when everyone can stop fighting, start listening, and begin to learn to find places where we can agree — and find tolerable compromises where we don’t agree — then we might have a shot at a decent world in which to live. But, that’s just my opinion, which I guess is worth about as much as anyone else’s.

So … with all of this … it was easy to see the unhappy moments of 2016.

With all the bad, there was some truly wonderful sprinkled in like diamonds. In May, my grandson Jack was born and in August, my grandson Lukas decided to arrive into the world, and after nearly six months of recovery, my mother graduated from hospital bed, to wheelchair, to walker, to hobbling around on her own by Christmas.

Of course, with all the good, I can’t help but think about the second most important thing in my life AFTER the people whom I love beyond measure, and that is my writing.

It is my dream to do this crazy thing for a living. To tell my stories and make a living at it. To date, I am still far from that goal.

Recently, I and several of my coworkers were relating amusing stories about our children. One coworker, (I am not sure if she wants her name mentioned so I will call her “Jay”) – was telling us all about her son. She said her son was so smart and he would wear her out with questions. He could never be still for anything … except … the full moon fascinated him. Jay said her mother would call him up when there was a full moon and say, “Hey, go look outside at the man in the moon.”

Jay said several nights, she would find him outside staring up at the moon for long periods of time. Jay’s son is 19 now and a month or two ago there was a super moon. She said her mother called her grandson and said, “Hey, go look outside at the man in the moon!”

Jay said, even at 19, her son still couldn’t stop himself. He had to go and stare in wonder.

I could picture him – her son – with his big, dark eyes staring up at a vast universe with its sprinkle of stars like glittering dust across black velvet, and the luminescent glow of the moon.

I think of that child and I see a little bit of myself there.

My dream to be a full-time writer is like that – it is a distant and (seemingly) unreachable thing of wonder. That dream is my Man in the Moon.

I think this is why fresh starts are so appealing. A New Year is a new hope. A hope that things will get better, but that must begin with me. I have plans to work on myself and help make that happen.

So … to all of you out there … I hope 2017 is the year where you attain your own personal “Man in the Moon.” I wish you peace, love, health, and prosperity.

Hugs are on the house!

Happy New Year

– LA


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