Author Spotlight: Interview with S.J. Hermann

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Good morning, Dear Reader.

If you read yesterday’s post, then you have been properly introduced to bestselling, YA, supernatural author S.J. Hermann, of the MORIUM series of books. I have read the first one and reviewed it (also published in the last post).

Now, you can check out the interview questions I asked him and read his answers. Some of them are directly related to Morium, but there are others that you will find very interesting!

Stay tuned tomorrow when you will get a sneak peek at an excerpt from “Morium.” 

So … without further delay … here’s my interview with S.J. Hermann:


So, S.J., as you know, I’ve read and reviewed Morium (worth every one of the five stars I gave it, by the way), so here some questions I’ve worked up:


ME: Of your three characters, Stacy dealt differently with the bullying … she was so strong in the face of it. She never gets any super powers (at least as far as I know from the first book) … at this point, in Morium, Would you consider her a superhero in her own right just for being so strong, even if it was a front? Does she represent someone you admire or wished to be at some point in your life? Or did you create her from whole cloth? 


S.J.: I’m glad you brought up, Stacy. Her parts were the most fun to write and for fans of her, she is explored more in the second book, Dark Horizons. Lexi and Nathan hid their demons, Stacy hides something herself that we kind of get a hint at in MORIUM. As far as being a superhero, Stacy does what she needs to do to keep from falling into depression. To Lexi, she is a superhero for being so strong and looks up to Stacy wishing she could be like her. In essence, yes, there is a part of me in Stacy I wished would have been in me during my high school days.


Me: Do you plan out your characters carefully or do are you (like me) just start writing the stories as they come like you’re watching a movie in your head and the characters develop – with their strengths and weaknesses – developing on their own? 


S.J.:  MORIUM was plotted out from the beginning and deviated somewhat from the original blueprint. Lexi, Nathan, and Stacy all have a part of me in them which made writing their parts easier. The emotions at the time of my High School years are brought to life through them. Their strengths and weaknesses are to extent, my strengths and weaknesses. MORIUM also demonstrates the power of friendship and forgiveness.


Me: I see on your website that the Morium Trilogy has an Amazon Bestseller seal … have you been surprised by the response and success of this series? What has been your fondest highlights from your success so far? 


S.J.: Yes, I have been. It’s one of those things that, as an author, you can only hope that it connects with readers. I have been surprised that as a YA series, it has been enjoyed by teens and adults. Though the nicest highlight is being told that I am someones favorite author.


Me: I see in your bio that your struggles with self-harm can be seen on your website. I’m afraid I could not locate it, so if you don’t mind my asking (and we do not have to include this question if it makes you uncomfortable) …  What have your experiences been with self-harm? Were you bullied and was this the inspiration for Morium? 


S.J.: During my freshman and sophomore years of High School I was heavily bullied. It was not until much later in life that, well after the bullying stopped, the emotional toll that remained bottled up brought me spiraling down into self-harm. There is a post on my website that chronicles a night when I self-harmed and the emotions I dealt with. Lexi is the extension of my self-harm which is why readers stated that it seemed so realistic. MORIUM is not the only book where depression and self-harm is prevalent. In my romance anthology, Splintered Love, the short story, Desperate Souls the character Devon deals with severe depression and thoughts of suicide.


Me: I was such a cheerleader for Lexi (Alexandria), but I was frustrated by her weakness sometimes (perhaps, my own self-view being angry when I have shown weakness when I wished I had been brave, is what spawned my frustration)… but, she was so mature in her realization that she and Nathan were not good candidates (emotionally speaking) for the powers they suddenly possessed. Were you ever frustrated with Lexi as you wrote her character? 


S.J. : Not really. Lexi had been through so much leading up to the night she and Nathan found the meteorites. Her best friend turned against her. Her mother had died a year before, her father lost his job and they were struggling to survive. She’d become so incased in her shell that she didn’t want to bring any more stress upon herself. Which is why she became so frustrated when she attempted to take her life but her power to heal denied that. I understood where she was coming from, and she fully understood the consequences of what could happen if they were to let their emotions get out of control.

In Dark Horizons, Lexi realizes that she doesn’t need any superpowers to be special. She just needed to be herself and break free from that shell. Plus, love will do that. 🙂


Me: Likewise, my heart went out to Nathan struggling with demons … He was so justified in his rage, but obviously not in murder … part of me understood where he was coming from, but would cringe every time he took it too far. Did you also have a similar reaction to him as you wrote him? I’m very interested in your reactions to your characters, as if you couldn’t tell! (Grin) 


S.J.: Nathan. What can I say about him except that it was like someone gave him a drug and he became addicted to it, taking out whoever got in his way to give him his fix. Without parental guidance to help him through the bullying, his mind was ripe for something like this to happen. In his mind, he was doing the world a service by taking out the scum. He got what he needed, and the world became a little safer in the process.

In Dark Horizons, Nathan realizes he’s done things that are irreversible and tries his best to make things right. The entire time suffering through withdraws as he tries to prove to Lexi that he can change. Once again, love can do that J


ME: You are a fantastic supporter of indie authors. What has made you push so hard for indies? 


S.J. : The author community are some of the best people you’d ever want to be around. I’ve stated it before, they have become like my second family. They all work just as hard. Putting in long nights, sometimes heavy amounts of cash for a chance to be seen in an ocean of books. I know how hard it is and if I can share their books, their blog posts, I will. There are times where I promote others more than my own work, and honestly, that’s fine by me. In my mind, if one of us becomes a major success, it’s a win for all self-published authors. Because it shows dreams can come true.


Me: What other writing projects would you like to take on in the future? Tell us about anything you have in the works, or coming soon. 


S.J. I have a freebie on Amazon titled, Eventus which is really a sneak peak on the book I’m working on now called, Perfect. The one I’m really excited about is the final book in The Morium Trilogy; Morium: Terminus which is due out in May.


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