Two Days Left for Celebration SALE!!!!

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Good morning Dear Readers!

First, let me thank you for making my giveaway for “The Gifted: Adversaries & Healers” a HUGE success! You downloaded enough copies to put “The Gifted” in Amazon Kindle’s Top 25 in its category for free downloads! I’m excited and so grateful to you all. If you like the book, please do me the honor of leaving a review when you’re finished. It doesn’t have to be a long review – but just tell what you liked about it and if you have something you feel could have been improved, then by all means, let me know that too.

Now, if you have the first book – then you have from this very second until midnight on July 6th to get the second book “Criers: Rise of the Prophets” for only .99 cents! That is marked down from it’s regular price of $2.99!! It’s a great deal and many people reviewed that they liked the second book just as much as the first! In fact, “Criers: Rise of the Prophets” has nearly as many reviews as the first book! That’s kind of unusual in my experience …

Anyhoo … I’ve got to go grab another cup of coffee but ya’ll can wander on over to Amazon by clicking on the book cover below!

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day holiday and I wish you peace.

Hugs are on the house,


Only .99 cents until midnight on July 6th (just under two days left)!

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