Thank you for the giveaway success!

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Good morning Dear Readers!

I just had to make a post thanking all of you for making my FREE giveaway of “The Gifted: Adversaries & Healers” – the first novel of The Gifted Trilogy, and my promotional price sale in the UK for “Criers: Rise of the Prophets” – the second novel of The Gifted Trilogy – a tremendous success!!! I had RECORD BREAKING DOWNLOADS!!!!!!

I also had a few more downloads internationally in several countries including – Denmark, UK, Brazil, Canada, and Australia!!

The third and final book of the trilogy – “Beyond Shammua” — is being edited and almost ready for my beta readers before being submitted for final editing.

It won’t be long ya’ll and “Beyond Shammua” will be in your hands!! I’m sooooo excited about about the final book. I appreciate your patience. It has taken me a year to write it for a myriad of reasons. One reason being that it takes place 300 years in the future from the second book. Thus, there was a tremendous amount of world-building. It’s going to be futuristic and I think you’re going to like it — so many wonders to discover!

Okay … I gotta run for now. Until later!

The hugs are on the house.

— LA

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