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Gooooooooooooood morning, Dear Readers!!!
After more than a year’s wait – “Beyond Shammua” — the third and final book in The Gifted Trilogy, has been officially released!!! It is now available on Amazon!!! I am thrilled and excited to share it with you. I couldn’t have done it without you all. I thank you for your kind words, encouragement and all the cheering you have done to keep me going! You are the best!
I will be announcing upcoming book signings and other events where I will be promoting the book if you would like to come and show your support.
This work has been a long labor of love and the characters have become like family … I hope you feel that way, too.
So ….without further ado, you can click the following links to get either the Kindle or the paperback editions of Beyond Shammua:

He is dangerous … and he’s in denial.
The year is 2303 and battle-hardened Caleb O’Shea, a descendant of Sage Waldron, has been working as a mercenary. Much to the disappointment of his powerful family, he consistently denies the heritage of his family’s powerful bloodline.
However, a high-ranking politician has hired him to follow a member of an undeclared warrior species. They have nicknamed the being “Attila,’ and it is Caleb’s job to find out where this being and the others like him go when they leave Earth.
Caleb accepts the mission and discovers a terrifying truth that forces him to embrace his enormous power and reconcile him with the part he is destined to play in the war for the salvation or damnation of humankind.
(**While this novel has some Christian themes, there is mild language, violence and situations best suited to adults.)


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