Christmas Gift Idea! Signed Copies with no Shipping!

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Hear ye! Hear ye! There are secure purchase buttons at the bottom of my webpage to buy ALL of my available books! Here are a list of bonuses for buying them straight from the author’s website:

  1. You can buy paperbacks cheaper from me than on Amazon and I no longer charge for shipping within the contiguous United States.!! Woo-hoo! How cool is THAT?!
  2. A signed copy of an L.A. Story book makes and excellent Christmas gift! 
  3. Paperback copies are cool and SO retro! You can put them on an actual bookshelf!
  4. I use a secure payment company — PayPal! PayPal handles all of it, even if you want to purchase with a credit/debit card if you don’t have a PayPal account. 
  5. You will gain magical powers, longer/more luscious hair, and win an Oscar … if you buy my book. (** Okay … that is a complete fabrication … I got a little excited.) 

Anyway, NOW you know the advantages (except for #5, which I repeat is a fabrication). I don’t charge shipping, BUT I only ship within the contiguous United States at this time. 

Purchase buttons are at the bottom of the page Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. 

Good luck and Merry Christmas early!!!! 

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