L.A. Story is a professional daydreamer and a naturalized Mississippian. She lives in an enchanted forest with her druid poet husband, two small dogs who believe they are vicious wolves and two cats who believe climbing people is ok. She lives near her four brilliant children, of whom she believes are scary smart with world domination potential. Among said children, two have managed to produce four grandchildren who are possessed of an equally frightening intellect.

L.A. has been creating stories in her head and attempting to put them on paper since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She has been an award-winning staff writer and columnist for a local newspaper. Her poetry and fiction has also been published in numerous publications and she has been a Rhysling and James Baker award nominee. She teaches poetry workshops for the Crossroads Poetry Project and is the former editor of a paranormal romance magazine called Trysts of Fate (Alban Lake Publishing). She is the author the novels of The Gifted Trilogy (River Oaks Press).

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IS a full length novel or a novella a little too much for you to start with? Then try out a nice sample of her writing with her short story available on Amazon Kindle right now – The Migration of Frost.




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