The Gifted: Adversaries & Healers

Book 1: The Gifted Trilogy

Rachel Hannah is funny and kind. She is a second grade teacher who lives an ordinary life until she meets Sage Waldron. She is swept away by this mysterious man. What she doesn’t know is that he is an Adversary and she is his “mission.” Rachel is caught between two immeasurably powerful forces and will soon make a series of choices that will affect her future and Sage’s and will begin to tip the scales between good and evil.

There is a war going between the Adversaries and the Healers and the general population is mercifully unaware.

There are those walking among us whose destiny will affect the fate of us all. Those people are not aware of their potential until they accept the power and the burden of The Gift.


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Criers Cover FINAL

CRIERS: Rise of the Prophets

Book II of The Gifted Trilogy

By L.A. Story

Duke Batten, the infamous California street preacher, is the first of the Criers — powerful prophets in the quickly escalating war between the Adversaries and the Healers who fight for the forces of Light and Dark. More and more Criers are appearing and some are the most unlikely individuals one would expect to be called into service by the King of Light.

Sage and Rachel Waldron are a powerful force for the Healers, along with their children, 26 year old Daniel, and 24 year old Sarah. The Adversaries have become more desperate as the Healers have begun to win too many skirmishes. In a bold move, the Adversaries employ a terrible strategy to turn the tide of the war. As part of this strategy, Duke Batten and his family, as well as the Waldron family become primary targets.


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Beyond Shammua Cover


The third and final book of the epic Gifted Trilogy

By L.A. Story

He is dangerous … and he’s in denial.
The year is 2303 and battle-hardened Caleb O’Shea, a descendant of Sage Waldron, has been working as a mercenary. Much to the disappointment of his powerful family, he consistently denies the heritage of his family’s powerful bloodline.
However, a high-ranking politician has hired him to follow a member of an undeclared warrior species. They have nicknamed the being “Attila,’ and it is Caleb’s job to find out where this being and the others like him go when they leave Earth.
Caleb accepts the mission and discovers a terrifying truth that forces him to embrace his enormous power and reconcile him with the part he is destined to play in the war for the salvation or damnation of humankind.
(**While this novel has some Christian themes, there is mild language, violence and situations best suited to adults.)
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Enjoy the beginning of a new story line by reading the novella that begins it all:

Urbania Nook Cover


Richard Shelton, a determined journalist, is fascinated by the story of Urbania – the Great City. It was a city that began as an ideal and became an enigma. Populated years ago with the best and most creative minds from across the globe, the city was established in the Nevada desert. The city’s leadership became more reclusive with each generation and they eventually constructed a gargantuan 50 foot wall around the city to keep out The World. The only entrance is the city’s famed gate where most petitioners are usually shot. Richard locates Ketch, the only person to have escaped Urbania and survived. Ketch advises Richard how to successfully petition and get past the gate, but there is a price. Ketch wants Richard to help Ivey, the woman Ketch had to leave behind during his long-ago escape. Richard gets through the gate, only to find the city harbors unimaginable secrets he may not live to tell.


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If you liked Urbania, then don’t miss out on the story that reveals the beginning of the legend of the Great City.



By L.A. Story

Ivey is a counselor at Urbania’s Education Center when an angry young man named Noah Ketchum is brought to her to be re-educated or be sentenced to a Breaker’s punishment. As she gets to know “Ketch,” she begins to realize he has abilities above anything anyone has ever seen. As she earns his trust, he confides what he believes is happening in Urbania.

At first, Ivey believes Ketch is paranoid and dangerous … until she begins to find evidence that he may be right and the Urbanian leadership wants him for their own terrifying agenda. Those who rise up against the Great City are called “Breakers” and the punishment is dire. Ivey and Ketch will risk their lives in a fight for the rights of everyone to have a choice as to whether or not they want to become part of Urbania’s doctrine.



Short Stories & Anthologies

migration of frost cover

The Migration of Frost

When a crew member mysteriously disappears during an historic mission to Venus, Captain Brian Fletcher and his crew are baffled and afraid. Earth’s hostile sister planet had already been difficult, but advanced technology made the carefully planned mission go as smoothly as possible. Still, there were too many unexplained events that had half the crew joking that the planet has “heat gremlins” and the other half wondering if the planet is haunted. A monumental discovery at the dig site will change the future of space travel and provides possible clues as to what might have happened to the missing crew member. A rapidly developing threat will cut the mission short and Fletcher will have to make an impossible decision and time is running out.

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A New Order Cover


A New Order

Nola’s impulsive marriage to Dr. Simon Rutledge was like a fairy tale … except for the strange promise he secured from her before he would marry her. It was just one little thing he wanted her to do every night. It was not too much to ask if she were really in love, right? Combine the odd request with the fact that Simon was a leading entomologist studying a new, potentially dangerous, insect called an “ett” and most of what he did every day at work was classified. Thus, her new husband has a great many secrets.
“A New Order” is a short story by author L.A. Story and is a scifi/horror tale told with a touch of gothic.

Available on Amazon Kindle at: http://www.amazon.com/New-Order-L-Story-ebook/dp/B01EZGDEUW